CNC Machining and Machine Stamping

The CNC center is the first and one of the most important areas in our facility. Our CNC center is built from the ground up to be efficient and consistent.  It houses our Haas CNC machines, CNC lathes, drilling, and tapping machines. From product specifications we can keep very tight tolerances required by each product.  Each region and every production run is continuously checked by the department/QC supervisor.

Each machining region specializes in a certain product or process. Depending on the design almunium will be partially machine punched/stamped. Stamping is quick and produces consitent quality and lower costs in longer production runs but it cannot create the many intricate and multi-layered details of CNC milling. We also work with low quantity orders, this is especially important to clients with new products or prototypes. There are many several different types of cases and customer requiements so we work with our clients to find the most cost effective solutions to each unique situation.

As a final step, our QC desk checks every batch of product before it moves on to it’s next department and process.

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