-Quotations Details-

We will gladly quote your products and designs,  low quantities are accepted so don’t hesitate to ask!

First please gather relevant information:

  • If you have a drawing that you would like to have quoted please have it in a proper file format (like .dwg or .igs), the quantity, and any and all relevent specification of your product. The more details the better!
  • Note the required texture/finish e.g. brushed, polished, sandblasted, none, and details of finish e.g. direction of brushing.
  • Note the specific color(s) you want for anodizing and silk-screening (Pantone# preferred.)
  • Note any specific handling, packaging, and shipping requirements.
  • For aluminum, 6063-T3 is the most commonly used alloy, if another alloy is required please make a note of it.
  • For sheet metal the same applies, note specific requirement like material and thickness/gauge.

Please e-mail or call our sales representatives for assiantance with quotations, we will be happy to help you!

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