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You can direct general enquiries to:

Renfeng Electrical Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  (台山市仁丰五金电器有限公司)

Office: (86) 0750-5620398 / (86) 0750-5620383

Fax: (86) 0750-5615 463

E-mail: jfltd@jfalu.com


Or english/international inquiries directly to:

Philip Liu - International Sales Manager

Office: (86) 0750-562-8375 / (86)  1392-9063268

E-mail: en_jfltd@jfalu.com



No. 68 Longshan Road, Beikeng Industrial District, Taicheng Town, Taishan City, Jiangmen, Guanddong Province

Postal Code: 529200


Are you or your associates in the area and want to drop by for a factory tour? We welcome you to come visit us. Our no pressure tour is very informative and will give you confidence of our manufacturing facilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit!

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