Welcome to Taishan Renfeng Electrical Hardware Manufacturing Co, Ltd.

Since our foundation in 1997 the goal of our comnpany was to manufacture and produce the highest quality electronics hardware in China. We have grown from a single factory in Taishan to a 48,000 square meter multi-building facility while acquiring several new high quality CNC machines and equipment to help us accomplish our goals. To start off take a product tour to see what we do.

Product Tour

Products Take a look at the types hardware and accessories we manufacture and produce. More

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing High quality CNC machines, automatic anodizing lines, and strict QC are what enables to create our excellent products. Our team works with high standards and are dedicated to seeing that only the best... More

Our Company

About Taishan Renfeng Electrical Hardware Manufacturing Co. Ltd. specializes in high quality aluminum parts and accessories manufacuring. We utilize several US Haas CNC machines to suit our clients precise needs... More


Quotes Would you like to receive a quotation? We have native enlish and chinese speakers on staff so don't hesitate to contact us. We can work with you at your pace to evaluate a product and fabricate some samples. More